Educate children to protect the environment through recycled fashion – Educating children to protect the environment from recycled fashion In response to Earth Day, recently, in Tu Son City, Bac Ninh province, the event “Be Nature” took place – Back to nature, confidently being yourself.

As an event to respond to “Earth Day”, “Be Nature” offers a meaningful playground for the children with the following activities: Recycled fashion show; Music show; Modern dance… Be Nature has the participation of professional dance groups as well as performances by students of Dinh Bang School, cultural performance.

The program also gathers nearly 100 kid models and outstanding collections of Vietnam’s leading children’s fashion designers such as: Huyen Truong, Nhat Thuc, Mai Chau, Pham Gia Hung,… With the message :Protecting the earth, they bring collections made from materials that are friendly to nature but still equally gorgeous. It is “Pretty Flowers” The Collection inspired by bright, pure flowers with vibrant, cheerful colors; Or the Green collection originates from the color of leaves – the color of life; Collection was named Green Lives with the message: Always cherish the forest, consider the forest as a “companion” in life of survival and development. Loving the forest means take care of the forest, must always live in harmony and protect nature….

In addition to the social meanings, calling for everyone to join hands to protect the environment, protect the common roof of the earth, the show also has extremely practical actions, which is to deduct a part of the funding to support the study promotion fund for the town

Although expressed in many different ideas, the collections in the program all aim at the message: living in harmony with nature is the most peaceful life.

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